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Ever since he was hospitalized for an overdose earlier this month, Lamar Odom has had Khloe Kardashian by his side.

Though they’d been legally separated since 2013, Khloe and Lamar called off their divorce in the wake of Lamar’s near-death experience.

Of course, Khloe is no idiot, and she reportedly made Lamar promise to never do drugs again before she would agree to take him back.

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Now, Radar Online is reporting that Lamar already messed up the arrangement by communicating with his drug dealer from his hospital bed. 

Several sources reported that an unidentified man showed up at Lamar’s hospital room yesterday and demanded that he be allowed to visit. 

It was only after he was booted by security that the man’s identity was revealed:

“Khloe found out that it was Lamar that had called his drug dealer and old roommate, and told him to come to the hospital,” a source tells Radar. “The friend showed up and went directly to Lamar’s room in ICU. He knew exactly where to go!”

Apparently, the man is still living in a property owned by Lamar, and he showed up with a legitimate gripe:

“Khloe had changed the locks on Lamar’s loft in Los Angeles,” says one insider. 

Still, Khloe was reportedly not at all happy that Lamar had been communicating with his ex-dealer behind her back, and she stormed out of the hospital:

“Khloe was just heartsick that Lamar called this low-life scumbag,” said the source.

“Lamar tried to deny it, but Khloe has heard it all befor – and she knew he was lying. Khloe decided to take Lamar’s cell phone and hasn’t been at the hospital for the past three days.”

Sounds like Khloe might be slowly remembering why she and Lamar called it quits in the first place.