Kylie Jenner Rocks Bikini & Fur Boots, Posts Weird Caption

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Earlier today, we reported that 18-year-old social media queen and collagen enthusiast Kylie Jenner reached a major Instagram milestone this week.

The young, professional celebrity now has 40 million followers on the photo-sharing site. If you're wondering how, it's because she posts pics like this:

Kylie Jenner: Bikini and Fur Boots

Yes, that's Kylie rocking a very elaborate bikini and a pair of fur boots.

It may seem like she's some experiencing some major wardrobe confusion, but anyone who's seen Kim Kardashian's furkini photos knows better.

Fashion beats out comfort in this family every time.

As you can see, Kylie is sitting - posing provocatively, even - on top of a Mercedes SUV, and we're assuming it's the one that belongs to her.

You know, the same luxury vehicle that used to belong to Blac Chyna and was re-gifted by Tyga to Kylie as a present. 

Shady. Anyway, here's where things get weird:

Kylie's caption for the picture is just a baby bottle Emoji. That's it.

Allow us to play high school English teacher for a moment as we attempt to delve deep and figure out what Kylie is really saying here. 

  • Is she saying the pimp-ass, six-figure, tricked out SUV is her baby?
  • Is she throwing some sort of next-level shade at Blac?!

Sigh. Alas, we can't answer this, and we may never be able to.

Future archeologists might eventually unearth some sort of Kylie Emoji-speak-to-English Rosetta Stone, but until then, her ways will remain mysterious.

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