Kendra on Top Recap: Close Encounters of the SEXorcist

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Friday night's double shot of Kendra on Top saw K-Dubs and Hank Baskett see a sex therapist, and the model meet with her infamous ex, as well.

When Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 10 began, we saw K-Dubs and Jessica Hall gearing up to go to Holly Madison's book signing to f--k her up.

Or so we were led to believe last Friday when they made a huge deal out of Holly's book and were fired up to give Madison a piece of their minds.

Until they concluded they weren't after all.

In a complete 180 and a surprisingly grounded - read, scripted - move for Wilkinson, she decided not to make a scene and play into Holly's hand.

Crisis? Averted. Cliffhanger? Staged.

Wilkinson isn't totally read to let it go, however; Kendra tells Hank that she was most concerned about Hugh Hefner and how Holly trashed him.

After checking in on him (you can find out how that predictably went when you watch Kendra on Top online), Kendra also welcomes the "Grand-dude."

Also known as Eric, her father.

Despite their conflicted and often contentious history, Kendra has her dad to confide in about her conflicting emotions, and that is just wonderful.

Less wonderful? Her sex life.

On Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 11, Kendra and Hank meet up with a sex therapist for some "love energy exercises" that proved ... well, challenging.

In therapy, we learn that Baskett recently caught Wilkinson flirting with a former flame. Kendra vows she didn't cheat, she admits she loves attention.

This, more than anything, seems to get under Hank's skin ... not what KW did per se, but that she's so happy and having so much fun doing it.

Afterward, Wilkinson asks Baskett to teach her how to hug, which was part sweet and part awkward. These two can't come together on much.

Except the fact that we need sex.

Sexologist and 2015 Sexpert of the Year (yes, that is a real thing) Ava Cadell comes in to work with the couple, and she has her work cut out.

"You treat him a little bit like a naughty boy instead of an equal partner who you absolutely love," Cadell tells Wilkinson, and she's not wrong.

Hank, to his credit, doesn't make Kendra feel worse about this than she already does, and she does appear to be trying ... we think at least.

Plus, her background was tough.

"I was a young f--king girl," she says of her childhood. "All I wanted was my mom to say I love you and I'm here for you. I never got that."

Be strong, K. Be f--king strong.

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