Kendall Jones Dresses as Walter Palmer for Halloween: Funny or Foul?

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You might remember Kendall Jones as the teen who incurred the wrath of the Internet by posting graphic photos from her African hunting expeditions on Facebook.

Kendall claims she inspired one of the most popular Halloween costumes of last year. We don't recall seeing many Kendall Jones costumes, but we'll take her word for it.

Anyway, this year she's keeping the trend going by dressing as another trigger-happy one-percenter who royally pissed off animal rights groups.

Kendall Jones Halloween Costume

Yes, that's the now 20-year-old Kendall dressed as Walter Palmer - the Minnesota dentist who gained national infamy when it was revealed that he killed Cecil the Lion

Kendall captioned the pic:

"Since everyone wanted to dress up as me last year, guess who I am this year?! WALTER!! Lol ft. Cecil and a Koala climbing in the tree."

You'd think someone who's actually been on safari in Africa would know that koalas are only found in Australia, but we digress.

As you might have guessed, this photo has inspired some strong reactions from animal lovers, supporters of Jones and Palmer, and folks who are just weirded out by a "sexy" dentist-covered-in-blood costume.

You can place us firmly in the third group.

Thus far, there's been no response from Palmer, and there probably never will be. Palmer has apologized for killing Cecil and seems intent on putting the incident behind him.

Kendall, on the other hand, is clearly gonna keep trying for that 16th minute of fame.

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