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It’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner girls have had some work done.

Kim and kompany’s love of plastic surgery is so well known that doctors have complained of the "Kardashian effect" that’s led to unrealistic expectations and frequent requests for dangerous "enhancements."

Now, a hero Instagram user named Saint Hoax is showing the world just how much the Kard clan has changed over the years with a series of brilliant videos highlighting the various nips and tucks that have created the faces we know today.

First there’s Kylie, who, for the longest time, wouldn’t even admit to getting lip injections

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Video

Kylie attributes her transformation to puberty. We’re saying Mama Kris signed off on a handful of procedures.

Next up is Khloe. The rumors that she’s had $3 million worth of work done may be (slightly) exaggerated, but there’s no denying that the girl’s bone structure has changed considerably over the years:

And, of course, we have Kim. The Lewis & Clark of facial reconstruction who blazed a trail for her sisters and lit the path to reality show stardom and heavily re-touched magazine photospreads:

We’re not here to shame anyone, and if all the folks who’ve had work done left Hollywood, there would be no one left in town, but as role models to millions of young girls, we wish Kylie, Khloe, Kim, etc. would be a bit more open about the amount of work they’ve had done.

As it is, they’re a set of living Barbie dolls – setting unrealistic expectations for a generation of impressionable girls, who may become insecure young women.