"Kardashian Curse" Inspires Memes, Jokes About Kanye West

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As you've probably heard by now, Lamar Odom nearly died from a drug overdose last week and is currently undergoing extensive physical therapy 

Less than 24 hours after that shocking news broke, we learned that Scott Disick checked into rehab for the sixth time.

Douchelord Disick

The two incidents are probably unrelated, but they've led to jokes, speculation, blog posts and memes about the ways in which the Kardashians seem to ruin men's lives

It's ridiculous to think that the women themselves have such a negative impact on the lives of downtrodden dudes like Scott, Lamar and Rob Kardashian, but the guys' issues may have a common bond.

Perhaps these guys just had trouble coping with the fame and scrutiny that accompanied their involvement with "America's first family."

Whatever the case, folks on social media are having a field day with memes like this:

Kanye West-Kardashians Meme

That one was stolen posted to Instagram by famed hack/joke thief The Fat Jew. It's just one example of the newest form of Kardashian-bashing.

Ragging on the Kardasdhians is one of the Internet's favorite pastimes, and we would never try to put a stop to it, but if this "Kardashian Curse" trend is to continue, it's important to keep a few things clear:

  1. Caitlyn's life was not ruined. She seems to be doing just fine. Don't be D-bags, y'all.
  2. Scott and Lamar almost certainly suffered from substance abuse issues before they got romantically involved with members of the Kard clan. In fact, Kourtney and Khloe deserve credit for expressing their concern and offering help even after their relationships were through.
  3. Kanye will be just fine. You can see the dude's ego from space. We can't be certain about Tyga.
  4. Rob Kardashian probably suffers from depression. Yes, the constant glare of the reality show spotlight almost certainly isn't helping his condition, but it's not like his sisters are planning a two-hour special where they repeatedly bash his testicles with a sledgehammer.

Although come to think of it, that would probably pull in bigger ratings and be less painful to watch than Kim and Kris Humphries' wedding.

Anyway, fame ruining people's lives is nothing new, and the Kardashian gals aren't to blame for their men's recent misfortunes, but that doesn't mean you can't joke about the idea. Hell, we sure did:

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