Jessa Duggar: FURIOUS That Jim Bob Gave Anna That House and Not Her!

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Jessa Duggar is reportedly livid with her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, for gifting Anna and Josh Duggar a fancy new home to keep their marriage intact.

The reason? HELLO! Jessa and Ben Seewald are here too!

Jessa n' Ben Seewald
Jim Bob and Josh Duggar Picture

If you missed it, Jim Bob bought a house for Anna and Josh near the Duggars' famous Springdale, Ark., compound, for nearly $350,000.

That's about $1 million in New York or L.A. money, people.

Supposedly, Anna is not impressed by the bribe, and rightfully so, as it'll take more than a nice pad to make up for Josh's infidelity and shadiness.

She's not the only one upset at Jim Bob for this, though.

Get this: Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald were living in the house for a short time after Anna sold her home and moved to Florida with her family.

But Jim Bob never intended on gifting the home to Jessa.

The long-suffering Anna, who the patriarch wants to ensure stays with Josh once he gets out of rehab, was always the intended resident.

Anna and Jessa have always had a strained relationship ... most likely due to the fact that he molested the latter when she was a very young girl.

This has only made it worse, and Jessa is fired up.

Mrs. Ben Seewald is said to be envious because she feels she deserves the new house close to her mom and dad, not her cheating brother Josh.

Does she have a point? How could she not ...

Jessa, who is due any day now, is beside herself that Jim Bob Duggar is kind of rewarding her eldest sibling for dalliances with strippers and porn.

Josh Duggar was exposed as a subscriber to the Ashley Madison cheating website, admits an addiction to Internet porn, and had at least two affairs.

One of which involved a stripper, Danica Dillon, whom Josh stalked, berated, threw around like a rag doll and paid for sex on two occasions. Nuts.

Now he’s sitting in a Christian faith-based labor camp / treatment program while his mom and dad look to keep their entire family from falling apart.

Apparently, that means giving Anna a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath pad with a three-car garage, an in-ground pool and a gourmet kitchen.

If Jim Bob has his way, Anna will come running back and Josh, his wife and four children will be all set to move in once Spring 2016 rolls around.

Jessa and Ben, meanwhile, can go back to their starter home ... which, if you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, you know is minimalist at best.

Certainly no pool to wear this to. Just saying:

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