Jenelle Evans: Hospitalized With Head Injury!

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Jenelle Evans was reportedly rushed to the hospital this weekend after she fell in her driveway and hit her head. 

Radar Online has photos of Jenelle's injuries. Sources say the 23-year-old reality star required several stitches and was not released from the hospital until the following morning.

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The injury was apparently a result of flooding that affected Jenelle's home state of South Carolina as a result of Hurricane Joaquin.

“Jenelle was going out to dinner with her boyfriend David and friend Tori, and when she got home, everything was flooded on her street and she slipped and fell on the driveway getting out of the car," says one insider.

The source says Jenelle is "in pain and tired," but is recovering at home.

Given Jenelle's history of drug problems, many will wonder what sort of state she was in at the time of her fall.

Prior to the accident, Evans was out on the town with her new boyfriend David Eason, but there's no word on if they were drinking.

Jenelle has yet to speak publicly on the incident. Of course, compared to some of the drama she's endured, a little head injury is small potatoes.

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