George Clooney: Caught in Gay Affair?!?!?

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George Clooney has been married for just over a year.

And, during this brief period of time, tabloids have written ad nauseam that the actor and wife Amal were headed for a divorce.

It was going to happen any day now, according to a tabloid story in April.

The marriage could not even last 87 days, according to a different tabloid story.

The split is about to turn nasty, a third story hilarious screamed.

But The National Enquirer deserves mad props for coming up with the most outlandish reason yet why Clooney will apparently be breaking up with Amal:

Because he's engaged in an affair! WITH ANOTHER MAN!

To prove this alleged point, the publication has printed what it deems to be “gay photos that will destroy the marriage,” pointing an arrow at a picture of some dude kissing Clooney on the cheek.

Nevermind that the dude in question is former ER co-star Noah Wyle and that the picture was snapped (this is not a joke) at the premiere of the film Desperado.

Which took place 20 years ago.

These "secret spy photos” could still "seal the deal on [Clooney's] $220 million divorce," dammit!

If you choose to believe The National Enquirer for some off reason.

That's entirely up to you, but it may be time for magazines around the world to simply accept the fact that George and Amal are very happily married.

Sorry. We know how boring that must be for you.

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