Farrah Abraham: My Third Boob Job Made Me More Popular Than EVER!!!

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As we reported yesterday, Farrah Abraham underwent her third boob job this week.

Obviously, her long healing process has just begun, but this is Farrah we're talking about, so she's already tweeting like crazy, and she is, like, so psyched to be a trending topic:

Farrah Abraham Church Selfie
Farrah Abraham is Trending

On the right is a screenshot from Farrah's Facebook page that she posted on Twitter. As you can see, she totally beat out Lamar Odom and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, you guys! #Blessed

As if that weren't obnoxious enough, Farrah captioned the pic, "Thanks for all the love while I heal #3rdTimesACharm #trending"

Yes, Farrah is tweeting about her healing process and celebrating the fact that she's a more popular topic of online conversation than Lamar Odom, who almost died!

To make matters worse, Farrah is still talking about becoming a plastic surgeon.

That's not a joke. The woman whose current career mainly consists of selling plastic molds of her vagina and butthole (her "love tunnels," as she calls them) wants to become a doctor who performs surgery on human beings.

Farrah recently posted snippets of an interview she gave to the hosts of Botched. When asked if she would ever consider a career in cosmetic surgery, she replied:

"I don't think I know everything, I have a lot to learn, but yes, I am going to school to be a plastic surgeon."

She doesn't think she knows everything. Hey, who wants to sign up to be her first patient?

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