Erin Andrews: Suing For $75 MILLION in Nude Peephole Case!

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Fox Sports beauty Erin Andrews is still pushing for justice after a pervy peeping tom secretly videotaped her in her hotel room back in 2008.

Peep Dis

The Dancing with the Stars co-host and veteran sports reporter filed an amendment to her ongoing, 2011 lawsuit against Marriott hotels.

For $75 million dollars!!

It seems almost quaint now, in a post-Fappening word where hacking is standard, and where high production value porn is the new sex tape.

But back in the day, the Erin Andrews peephole video was a very, very big deal, and some clown even went to prison for taking it. Prison.

The year was 2009.

Michael David Barrett put a camera in the peephole of her hotel door and got a grainy video of Erin Andrews nude as she got dressed.

Footage of the blonde "leaked" online, but unlike the complex iCloud breaches nowadays, the FBI tracked down Barrett fairly easily.

Given that he was, you know, in the room next to her filming Erin naked, it wasn't too hard to figure out. Should've just turned on Cinemax.

Andrews sued Marriott, claiming its employees were negligent in giving Barrett the room next to hers, at his request, no questions asked.

Defense attorneys wanted her to be specific about what she's seeking in damages, and she obliged, saying $75 million will do the trick.

Whether she gets anywhere near that sum is not the point ... Marriott is in some hot water and will be setting in the millions of dollars.

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