Drake and Serena Williams: We're Not Engaged, Just Banging!

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Yesterday, we reported on the widespread rumor that Drake and Serena Williams are engaged.

It seemed too good to be true, and sadly, reps for the couple confirmed that while they might be doing plenty of cross-court smashing, they're not an official match.

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TMZ is reporting that Drake and Serena are denying that they've taken the next step, with Drake's team issuing a statement that says simply, "The rumor is completely untrue."

Obviously it's a shame, as the couple's children would've made short work of their opponents on the court, then proceeded to body their rap rivals with blistering diss tracks.

Of course, we should probably just give these two some time.

It's only been a few weeks since Drake and Serena were caught making out, and we're already hoping Drizzy will propose in an epic 18-minute auto-tuned ballad. 

It's just that celebrity couples like this don't come along ever day, and a Drena (Serake?) wedding would be the star-studded party of the century.

Then again, if Serena buys into the theory that Drake is her bad luck charm, she might want to cut him loose for the time being and come back after she nails that elusive calendar Grand Slam.

We're Drizzy will wait for her. Plus the breakup will probably inspire 19 number one singles.

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