Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent: MARRIED?!

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It's been a big day for wild rumors about celebrity couples.

First we heard that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach are engaged.

Then we found out that Drake and Serena Williams are engaged.

But while both of those rumors are almost certainly BS, the reports circulating around the on, off, on-again, off-again-with-a-restraining-order couple of Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent might actually be legit.

In case you're not familiar - no, Cara is not hooking up with some 15th-century medieval martyr. St. Vincent is the stage name of singer/songwriter Annie Clark. 

She and Cara have been having hip, trendy sex since for at least six months, and now the word around the runway is that the fashionable twosome may have secretly gotten married.

Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent

That's Cara and Annie at Chanel's spring fashion show in Paris yesterday (Yes, the fashion world is gearing up for spring while you're still trying to get the mothball smell out of your flannels.), and witnesses say they were both rocking very large diamonds on their left ring fingers.

So are they engaged? Married? Just messing us with us?! 

Heck, it's possible they just felt like rocking matching bling for no reason at all. But that's boring. We prefer to think that they're married talks to adopt one of Brangelina's kids. Sure, why not?

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