Victoria Jones: Leah Messer's Younger Sister is Pregnant!

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Well, she missed the lucrative, but ultimately soul-crushing Teen Mom boat, but fortunately Leah Messer's sister Victoria Jones realizes that reality TV fame isn't the only reason to bring life into the world.

21-year-old Jones announced today that she's expecting her first child. Hopefully, Leah didn't nod off when she shared the news with her family. Just kidding, Leah! 

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“Looks like I’m gonna be a Mommy!” Victoria posted on Facebook today. “I’ve waited so long for this, I’m glad I get to share this with my husband.”

Ouch. Someone's like someone's rubbing Leah's two divorces in her face. Fact: all adult siblings are masters of passive-aggressive competition.

Victoria also posted a photo of the positive pregnancy test (In case we didn't believe her?) and suggested come possible names. Apparently, the frontrunners are Addrianna Jean Jones or Joshua Eugene Jones.

Hey, either way she can just call the kid "Jean/Gene." Sounds like Victoria is all about simplifying her life, unlike Leah, who's all about making her life as complex and terrible as possible.

If you haven't been keeping up, Leah's latest bad decision was biting the hand that feeds her by criticizing MTV for making her look like a drug addict on Teen Mom.

These days post-rehab Leah is reportedly healthier than ever, but when she was at her worst, we don't imagine it took much editing to make Ms. Messer look like a mess.

Anyway, congrats to Victoria and her husband! Now start trying to score a spinoff!

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