Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: In Couples Therapy, Spending Most of Their Time Apart

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For weeks now, we've been hearing rumors that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are headed for divorce.

Several outlets claimed that Deflategate put a strain on the Brady and Bundchen's marriage, as Tom's anger over his suspension led to biskering at home.

Many believed that with Brady's suspension overturned and the NFL season underway, things would return to normal in Bundchen-Brady household.

Tom and Gisele

However, Star magazine is reporting that Tom and Gisele are still having trouble, and Bundchen has insisted that they start attending couples counseling in a last-ditch effort to save their marriage.

“Things got so bad after Deflategate that they could barely speak to each other," says one insider. "Tom got irritable under the stress and she started blaming him for all their unhappiness, much of which was there before the scandal. Counseling was her ultimatum.”

It was reportedly revealed during the therapy process that Gisele was more upset than Tom realized about Brady's trip to Vegas with Ben Affleck and Christine Ouzounian, as well as his decision to pose for photos with a known homewrecker. 

“Gisele became jealous and enraged," says the source.

"She went to Brazil for a week and that scared Tom a little bit. She also missed his birthday and the first few preseason games for the Patriots. She was definitely sending him a message that things had to change.”

The tabloid also claims that Gisele recently jetted off to Europe by herself to get away from the drama, and that Brady has been spending as much time out of the house as possible.

Sounds like at this point, if Brady were to be laid up with an injury it would spell doom for both the Patriots' season and Tom and Gisele's marriage.

Remarkably, Gisele reportedly has no problem with Brady's relationship with Donald Trump.

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