Snooki: PISSED About Jionni Lavalle Ashley Madison Account, Source Says

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Last month, the Ashley Madison hack exposed millions of cheaters, some of whom have wives and children, as well as careers that depend on their images as responsible family men.

Yes, Josh Duggar is the most famous example, but the hack might have also ensnared Jionni LaValle, whose wife, Snooki, has built an empire on her unlikely transition from Jersey Shore party girl to mommy blogger and fitness guru.

Jionni LaValle and Snooki

Snooki says Jionni didn't have an account, but reports about the couple having problems have been pouring in in the weeks since the hack. 

The latest comes from the folks at Radar Online, who claim that Snooki and Jionni have been spotted having some nasty arguments in the past few says.

“She’s pissed and upset,” a source tells Radar. “They’re screaming at each other.

“She thought he would never cheat on her. In her book, Jionni was always the stand up guy. She never thought he could pull anything unforgivable or hurt her.”

The insider says Snooki already had her suspicions and is now certain that Jionni has been unfaithful. But don't expect the couple to call it quits any time soon.

“Snooki will never divorce him,” the source says. “She won’t throw him out over this. There's no prenup."

Snooki has denied rumors that she and Jionni don't have a prenup, but insiders say there are lots of other reasons why they'll never get divorced:

They both come from old-school Italian families in which divorce is a no-no; they would both be embarrassed to have lasted less than a year as a married couple; and, perhaps most importantly, the Snooki's burgeoning career as a lifestyle guru requires them to keep up a happy family facade.

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