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Selena Gomez is clearly feeling very good about her body these days.

The artist shared a revealing underwear photo late last month and is now back with yet another sexy selfie.

Selena Gomez Lingerie Pics

The ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber jumped back on her social media page on Thursday night and posted a picture of herself in black lingerie.

Rocking merely a bra and some tights, the 23-year old is staring at herself in the mirror…. and we can’t blame her.

"You guys can still sign up for my little REVIVAL event in September because I wanna meet yall and share some stuff so,” Gomez wrote as a caption, inviting fans to sign on for a special event promoting her upcoming album.

Titled "Revival," it is due out on October 9.

Gomez, who will serving as an advsier on The Voice this fall, is very excited for her fans to hear this new music. And just her new attitude in general.

"I’ve been keeping so many secrets," Gomez wrote on Instagram in June. "I’m reborn in every moment so who knows what I’ll become. As long as I’m happy with me."

It’s safe to say Selena is very happy with her body at least these days. As she should be.