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Selena Gomez is no longer dating Justin Bieber, this much has been clear for a long time now.

But now, after Gomez posed for a selfie that went viral on Instagram, Charlie Puth has been forced to come out and also make it clear:

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She isn’t dating him, either.

The Internet couldn’t help but wonder about Selena and Charlie’s status this week after they looked mighty cozy online in the above photo.

It was accompanied with a Puth-penned caption that reads:

"the realest and most down to earth person I know. good to know you @selenagomez your album is going to be incredible!"

In response to the inevitable chatter that surrounded this picture and statement, Puth returned to social media a short while later and added:

“She’s just my friend guys lol relax,” while Gomez shared another image of the singers and added:

“Before it begins, he is a good one. He is MY FRIEND only lol.”

Gomez, of course, will forever be linked romantically with Bieber, but it’s partly her fault.

In a recent interview, Selena said it’s possible she might get back together with Justin. Hooray? NOOOO? Sigh?

We have no idea at this point.