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After spending more than a year out of the public eye, sources say Rob Kardashian is losing weight, sobering up, and planning to join the rest of his family on reality television.

A recent Instagram photo of Rob showed the 28-year-old former sock designer appearing significantly slimmer in the face.

Now, Us Weekly is confirming that that wasn’t just a flattering angle – Rob really is losing weight.

Rob Kardashian Selfie

The tabloid says multiple sources have confirmed that the sole male Kardashian has dropped 15 pounds in recent weeks.

Rob’s slimmed-down selfies seem to confirm that he’s on the right track, even if they only feature extreme close-ups of individual parts of his body.

The Kardashians have reportedly tried several approaches in an effort to motivate Rob to get back into shape.

When their multiple efforts to inspire him failed, the E! network stepped in with the greatest motivator of all – millions of dollars!

Yes, Keeping Up With the Kardashians producers reportedly reminded Rob that his $2 million-a-year contract is soon to expire – and he doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t film

Rob reportedly can’t bring himself to appear on camera in his current state, but he would be insane to pass up such a lucrative opportunity.

Now, friends say Rob has been hitting the gym like a mad man in order to get back in shape for KUWTK.

So if you know someone who’s struggling to find their motivation, just offer them a couple mill! Works every time!