Newlyweds Get Photobomed by Naked Bike Riders

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Talk about a REALLY awkward wedding photo!

Blair Delson and Ross Cohen were celebrating their big day last Saturday in Philadelphia when they were taken by surprised by approximately 3,000 uninvited guests.

Nude Cyclist Photobomb!

Turns out, the newlyweds had staged their official wedding photos on the course of the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride, which is an event that features exactly what its name implies:

A great deal of nude people riding bicycles.

"We saw them and I sprinted in my heels and my wedding gown and decided to get in on the action. We thought it was hilarious," Delson told The Associated Press, making it clear she and her new husband decided to go with the birthday suit-themed flow.

Added Joe Gidjunis of JPG Photography, who was behind the camera for this memorable set of pictures:

"I'm so grateful Blair and Ross embraced their adventurous spirit. Though they were joking about how, exactly, they would explain these pictures to their kids!"

Whatever. But that time Kanye West may be President and their kids will have many other things to worry about.

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