Lindsay Lohan is a Cokehead, Loses Lawsuit

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Back in February, Lindsay Lohan tried to sue Fox News after a commentator stated on the air that Lindsay does coke with her mom.

The case finally went before a judge today, and TMZ is reporting that was immediately thrown out of court.

The reason? Lindsay totally did coke with her mom - probably on several occasions.

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The judge - who must frequent celebrity gossip sites - dismissed the case on the simple grounds that "the truth is a defense."

In other words, "Everyone knows Lindsay Lohan is a cokehead, and Dina is certainly no better."

The judge didn't cite any examples, but if he wanted to, he could've reminded Lindsay of the time she called her dad and specifically told him that Dina is on coke.

We don't blame the man for not getting into specifics.

Instances that prove Lindsay Lohan is on drugs and Dina Lohan is the worst kind of enabler are so plentiful that no one would make it home this weekend if the judge started listing them all. 

As of right now, Lindsay's cases against Fox News and Sean Hannity have been officially thrown out.

There's no word on the outcome of the Lindsay's suit against the guest on Hannity's show who made the comment, but we're guessing that one's dun-zo, as well.

If not, the defendant should just take a camera to the Chateau Marmont this weekend, where he will 100% see Lindsay consoling herself by burying her face in a pile of blow that would make Tony Montana weep.

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