Leah Messer: MTV is Making Me Look Like a Drug Addict!!!

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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you know that Leah Messer's battle with prescription pill addiction has made for some major drama this season.

We've seen Leah fall asleep in mid-conversation while holding a baby (her brother's, who was luckily scooped up before something bad happened).

There have also been reports of the cops being called due to Leah's negligent parenting, leaving her two ex-husbands understandably concerned.

A clip for Thursday's episode shows former rivals Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms, both of whom have kids with Leah, getting together to talk.

Watch them discuss their ex's problems and share their concerns:

“This drug issue that everybody knows she has is swept under the carpet, and [she] don’t want nobody knowing where she went,” Simms says at one point.

"We need to know what’s going on with the mother of our children. Why are you sweeping it under the rug acting like there’s no big deal?”

“We’re the fathers of her children."

It seems pretty clear from the scene that both baby daddies are fed up. But strangely, Leah is insisting that the whole thing was faked by producers.

“#scripted,” Leah tweeted. “I talked to Jeremy the whole time ... Jeremy can’t stand Corey ... This was definitely SET UP and not even the truth."

She goes on to add: "In the scene you can tell Jeremy was looking over at a producer saying something about a prescription pill problem."

"they edit it to where it looks as if he is saying that to Corey. Don't care if I do get in trouble this is BS .. I should open my mouth way more"

Obviously, reality show producers writing dialogue and faking conflicts is nothing new, but the crux of the scene looks pretty darn real to us.

Even it isn't, we're sure Leah's ex-husbands are genuinely concerned. Given her track record, at this point, how could they not be?!

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