Kylie Jenner: "Ruining Her Face" With Plastic Surgery, Doc Warns

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Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner admitted to getting lip injections after months of claiming her bee-stung pout was the result of some sort of magical, cosmetically-enhancing puberty that only rich people undergo.

The 18-year-old reality star and Instagram queen swears that she hasn't had any other work done, and she's even gone so far to make videos proving that her breasts are "real."

However, Radar Online has asked a top plastic surgeon to analyze photos of Kylie, and Hollywood-based Dr. Kevin Youn says that it appears that Kylie has undergone several different procedures.

Kylie Jenner Before Bed

In fact, Youn says there's a good chance that the rumors about Kylie being "addicted" to plastic surgery are true, and that if she doesn't stop soon, she may suffer permanent damage.

"Kylie Jenner unfortunately appears to have had way too many fillers injected into her cheeks and lips and they appear completely unnatural, as they are out of proportion to the rest of her face," Youn tells the website.

"I suspect that she's had several syringes of filler injected into her lips, maybe even as many as 10 syringes...Her cheeks also appear quite puffy and that may be due to filler injections there as well.

"I strongly recommend she stop cosmetic treatments now before it is too late. This could turn into a major problem for her, and she will end up ruining her face."

It's important to note that Youn has never treated, or even met, Kylie - but if he can glean all of that from a few photographs, it may be time for the youngest Jenner to cool it with the fillers.

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