Kylie & Kendall Jenner: Feuding at Fashion Week?

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New York Fashion Week is coming to a close, and though Kendall Jenner has landed plenty of runway work, she hasn't been the talk of the town like she was last year.

About 12 months ago, Kendall's modeling career was just taking off, and industry insiders were buzzing about the prospect of a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan showing actual talent.

But a lot can change in one trip around the sun, and these days, Kendall's little sister is the most in-demand Jenner.

Kendall and Kylie on the Red Carpet

As evidenced by the number of subscribers for the sisters' new apps, Kylie is officially the most popular member of her family, and sources say it's gone to her head.

In fact, Radar Online is reporting that Kylie has made it clear that she's attending Fashion Week events to party and be seen, not to support Kendall

"Being in New York City right now while Kendall walks the runway at shows is one big reminder to Kylie about how far she’s come from this time last year,” says one insider

“Last September, Kylie couldn’t even get anyone to notice her because she had her old face and everyone was all ‘Kendall Kendall. Now, even though she is not a model like her sister, she is the one that has all of the press waiting outside of her hotel room.”

This year, Kylie reportedly sees NYFW as a coming-out party for her and Tyga, and sources say she thinks that the fact that they've finally gone public with their relationship is far more important than anything that's happening on the runway.

“Kylie is not there to support her sister. She is there to shop and get photos taken of her with Tyga,” says the insider.

It's not easy to be the most superficial, self-involved person at Fashion Week, but we think Kylie might be pulling it off.

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