Kris Jenner Wants to MARRY Corey Gamble on KUWTK?!

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They might still rule the world of celebrity gossip, but the Kardashians are not the reality TV juggernaut that they once were.

The ratings for Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been uneven at best in recent years, and the family's many spinoff series have fared even worse.

In fact, despite the tremendous hype surrounding the show I Am Cait was reportedly almost canceled in its first season.

Naturally, Kris Jenner is not ready to just sit back and watch her empire crumble. 

Shady Kris Jenner

She'll do whatever it takes to put Kim and company back on top (It's their favorite position. Jokes!), and she knows exactly what the public wants to see - weddings.

Kim's last two weddings both provided major ratings bumps - unfortunately none of the Kard gals are currently close to marrying.

Kourtney just dumped Scott Disick; Kim is already locked down; Khloe only recently began dating James Harden; Kendall is single; and let's not even talk about Kylie and Tyga.

So it looks like this time, Kris may have to take matters into her own hands.

Yes, Radar Online is reporting that Kris plans to marry Corey Gamble - and naturally, the whole thing will be filmed for KUWTK.

“Kris has asked her daughter how they really feel about Corey because she said that she is convinced he is the one,” an insider tells the website.

“She told them that having it as an episode of the show is an extremely lucrative idea...Kris told her kids that it is just a bonus that their wedding will make them a lot of money because she is legitimately in love."

And how do Kris' daughters feel about this shameless cash-grab? Well, apparently they're cool with it - mainly because they realize Corey is just as smarmy as their mom.

“They tell her that as long as she is happy, they are happy," says the source "The one thing they know for sure is that Corey will always treat their mother like a queen because she is the most expensive meal ticket in the world.

“The fact that she is so much older than him will mean that he is set once she is gone!”

Sounds like a match made in gold digger heaven. Is anyone else tearing up a bit?

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