Kim Richards: Sentenced to Hard Labor!

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Last week, Kim Richards was sentenced after pleading guilty to trespassing, public intoxication, resisting an officer and battery on a police officer.

Considering the slew of charges against her (all stemming from one drunken night at the Beverly Hills Hotel back in April), Richards got off very easy.

Kim Richards on RHOBC

She avoided jail time and was instead sentenced to probation, community labor, and a year's worth of AA meetings. 

That slap on the wrist wasn't light enough for Kim, however, and she tried to convince the judge that she can't do community labor (which usually consists of menial, physical tasks like picking up garbage or cleaning up graffiti) because of a foot injury.

Not surprisingly, Kim's lawyers proposed that she use her star power (HA!) to raise awareness of various causes, make appearances at fundraisers, etc.

The judge wasn't having it, and informed Kim today that she will be donning an orange jumpsuit and doing the same hard work as the other law-breakers.

The news reportedly came as a blow to Kim, who - having hit it big as a child star when she was just 6 years old - has never performed manual labor, and considers the sentence to be a major embarrassment.

To make matters worse, she may want to hold onto that jumpsuit when she's through stabbing trash. 

Richards was arrested for shoplifting from Target last month, and she has yet to be sentenced. The judge in that case could send her right back out to the side of the freeway.

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