Kim Richards: On the Hunt for Xanax in LA Smoke Shops?!

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Last week, Kim Richards was sentenced for her involvement in a drunken incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel, during which she reportedly kicked a cop.

Richards avoided jail time, but will be forced to attend a year's worth of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and will likely be subjected to routine drug testing as part of her probation.

According to a recent report from TMZ, however, none of that was enough to stop Richards from spending her weekend trying to score Xanax in LA smoke shops.

Kim Richards on the Street

Yes, according to the site, Richards popped into one shop in West Hollywood several times, claiming that a family member told her she could purchase prescription pills there.

She was turned away each time, and a store employee says that on one occasion, he watched her leave the store and walk right into another smoke shop.

Kim reportedly told employees that she needs Xanax due to a foot injury, which is odd, as the drug is used to treat anxiety disorders, and has no pain-killing properties.

Richards has yet to be sentenced for an incident last month in which she was arrested for shoplifting at Target.

Her family recently placed her on a 5150 psychiatric hold, but it was lifted when the 50-year-old former actress agreed to seek treatment voluntarily. 

There's no word yet on the family's reaction to news that Kim is prowling LA in search of drugs.

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