Kendra Wilkinson: Faking Divorce Drama For Ratings?!

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Is Kendra Wilkinson's marriage to Hank Baskett on the rocks again? Does she just want us to think that so we watch Kendra on Top online? Again?

Recently, rumors that Kendra was close to filing for divorce from her husband of six years were shot down by Wilkinson, and adamantly at that.

The Playboy model insisted, in shooting down the tabloid fodder, that the duo's union is "amazing" and that marriage is a series of ups and downs.

In her case, they just tend to be endless, over the top, and on TV.

To wit, there is increasing speculation that the constant drama that surrounds her marriage is all fabricated to keep her reality TV career running.

Reports of Wilkinson treating Baskett "badly" and a divorce being "imminent" circulated last week, but seemingly based on real events and quotes.

It was odd, then, to see K-Dubs call out this "flawed" reporting and incredulously claim she hates to see people "root so hard for a marriage to fail."

This is hardly unique to this most recent development, either.

Ever since Hank allegedly received hand relief from Ava London, the duo's marital drama has been all over TV, celebrity gossip websites, etc.

Possible that they took advantage of a real, sad situation by letting cameras in to capture the fallout? Very. Possible that it's more contrived?

Also very much so. This has been going on for almost A YEAR AND A HALF, and Wikinson seems to waffle every time people get bored.

Last year, Kendra's mother Patti even called the show "fake" and stated that her daughter tells lies to create buzz around the WE tv show.

While Patti would not say which "storyline" she meant, the implication was that Hank's "cheating scandal" was exaggerated if not concocted.

After the decided to stay together last season on Kendra on Top ... they took their issues Marriage Boot Camp, rehashing the entire thing.

Once again, that "journey" featured a whole lot of crazy drama, but ended on a positive note. Until Kendra on Top came back on the air.

"Hank and I welcome the challenges," she said last week, "that will continue to help us recommit our lives to each other and look forward."

In life? To the next paycheck? Discuss.

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