Kendra Wilkinson Denies Divorce Rumors, SLAMS Tabloid

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Reality star Kendra Wilkinson shut down a tabloid report suggesting she is gearing up to leave Hank Baskett and possibly dating Shawne Merriman.


According to Life & Style, K-Dubs has been alternatively distant and hostile to her husband of six years, and is preparing to divorce him.

Wilkinson herself says this couldn't be further from the truth, however, and she went on the record with Us to refute the tabloid's report.

"Honestly, what kind of mother would invite that kind of chaos and pain into her home?" Kendra said. "Their reporting is so flawed."

"I am, though, sad to see anyone root so hard for a marriage to fail. I don’t feel the need to defend the authenticity of my marriage."

No? That's just too much for you, K?

While we fully believe Life & Style is capable of mistakes, lies, fakery, etc., Kendra can't be that incredulous about celebrity gossip.

If you watch Kendra on Top online, pretty much all you see is her flipping her s--t and feeding into rumors that they're on the rocks.

Obviously and blatantly so.

Heck, Hank even admits Ava London fondled him over the shorts (or under, who knows) at the transgender model's apartment in 2014.

In Kendra's own words, this shook their marriage to its core and left her reeling, searching for answers and uncertain about the future.

"Last year was the worst year of my entire life. People were accusing my husband of cheating on me," Wilkinson said on the WE tv hit.

"When I confronted Hank he told me nothing. I've still loved my husband, but I needed to know why he couldn't tell me any sooner."

In light of the bogus Life & Style story, though, she insists she plans to remain with Hank and this is all part of the marital ebb and flow.

"Marriage is a lifetime of ups and downs," Kendra said. "Hank and I welcome the challenges that will continue to help us recommit."

Even if he's lying about hand jobs he may or may not have received from a model he may or may not have met online? That's dedication.

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