Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: How Long Can You Punish Me?!

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As the fourth season of Kendra on Top rolls on, Hank Baskett finds himself a familiar situation, and in uncharted territory at the same time.

The familiar: His wife punishing him for getting fondled by Ava London (and, some argue, Kendra faking divorce drama for TV ratings).

The unfamiliar: Wilkinson trolling Hank by flirting with other men, turning the tables on her husband and pretty much driving him insane.

At the onset of Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 4, Wilkinson was visiting her bestie Jessica Hall and trying to explain away kissing her costar.

She says they "accidentally" kissed, to which Hall's mom, who was also there, says mockingly, "What, you tripped and fell on each other's faces?"

Joking aside, it looks like K-Dubs has revenge sex on the brain, something that's been hinted at as you know if you watch Kendra on Top online.

"I have some guys I've been texting lately that I feel are kind of not in the friend category," Kendra reveals, and doesn't sound too upset about it.

Later, Hank and Kendra start to chat about their bucket lists in life, and she scoffs at his, offending the guy with home bored she looks to be there.

She then basically admits as much, saying, "I'm a wild soul, and I think sometimes this traditional thing just bores the living s--t out of me."

Damn, girl. That's cold right there. Just ice cold.

Seemed like a refreshingly honest and candid moment, for what that's worth, and given how badly her trust issues have been impacted of late?

Probably good that she met with her therapist later on. And that she discusses how she laughs in Hank's face as a defense mechanism. Often.

More significantly, the topic turns to her increasingly flirtatious ways. "Why do I have so much fun getting a taste of the other side?" she asks.

When the second half of these back to back installments kicks off, Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 5 brings Hank's parents to town for a visit.

Baskett's dad, Hank Jr., who along with Hank's mom has been a very positive force in Kendra's life, is currently in the midst of a fight with lung cancer.

We're all carbon copies of our parents, and with Hank, he grew up trying to make them proud, but not communicating regarding the tough issues.

Sounds familiar to fans at this point, no doubt.

When the topic of Wilkinson's estranged mother Patti arises, she is forced with a familiar dilemma: Does she reach out or put up a wall?

Ultimately, she decides to finally give Patti a call, Kendra is visibly vulnerable and affected by this even though her mom didn't pick up the phone.

In another sweet and unusually unscripted moment, she promises daughter Alijah that she will always be there for her and will never judge her.

No matter what, both Hank and Kendra seem to intensely love and care for their kids, and for that, we can only hope they make this marriage work.

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