Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Hank is TRAPPED!

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Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 3 saw our fair heroine tired of trying to fix her broken husband and marriage. Could this mean the end?!

By the time Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 3 aired, more than a year has passed since the cheating scandal that rocked her marriage.

How much is real, how much is reality TV scripted nonsense, and whether Ava London fondled Hank Baskett over or under the shorts?

We cannot say. But some s--t went down.

In any case, Kendra on Top Season 3 and Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 both chronicled their attempts to pick up the pieces and move on.

They appeared to be doing well for a time, but Wilkinson said on last night's episode that believe it or not, "I'm not doin' too good, still."

"I want to laugh again. I am dealing with some real drama in my life that I need to get past, but I am being me, just not really happy me."

Longingly, she pleads, "I just want to be happy again."

She tells the father of her two kids pretty much the same thing: "I’m confused about a lot. I know that I love you and I forgive everything."

“I’m not trying to hold any of what you’ve done over your head ... [but] If you were me, you would be completely 100% healed?”

Not if there's a show to film, are we right y'all!?

But seriously folks. Baskett tearfully asks her, “How long do you want to sit there and punish me and make me realize that I failed?”

As long as it takes, bruh. As long as it takes.

But seriously again. We have no idea if the Kendra divorce rumors or talk of her dating Shawne Merriman are true, but we know this:

All is not well at home, and she's either a better actress than we give her credit for or she's married to a guy who is still kind of a mess.

"He's trapped," K-Dubs tells the WE tv crew.

"And I'm so tired of trying to fix him."

How will this saga end?! Can he be fixed?! Does he even need fixing or is this all a sham to keep the paychecks rolling in for Casa de Baskett?!

Click to watch Kendra on Top online and find out.

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