Kendra on Top Recap: The Struggle is (Sort of) Real

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Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 6 and 7 aired Friday on WE tv, as we continued to watch the train wreck that is K-Dubs's marriage to Hank Baskett.

What did we learn on this double (groan) installment?

We begin Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 6 with another out of town gig for Kendra, who will be on Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition.

Somehow, she keeps getting these kind of work deals.

En route to the airport, Hank remarks that he'll be sad to miss her birthday. Kendra's response? "Like we don't spend enough time together, Hank."

Wow. Burrrrn. With assistant Eddie in tow, she arrives in New York to film Worst Cooks with Jenni "JWoww" Farley among other quasi-celebrities.

Over lunch, Wilkinson gets a message from a troll asking if Hank Baskett is gay, a claim Wilkinson tells her assistant would really bother Baskett.

Really? That's what he'd be worried about at this point?

If you watch Kendra on Top online, you know they've had their share of issues, but at times it's as if she chooses not to let them heal and move on.

Kendra also goes on about how she doesn't like kissing - not that she's scared of it, she just doesn't like to have to do it to make Hank feel good.

Legitimate point or marginalizing he man's needs?

You tell us, but on Kendra on Top Season 4 Episode 7, we find Hank buying his wife a sexy new car for her birthday, which he's just thrilled about.

Will Kendra be equally psyched? It's not immediately clear.

While he's doing his chivalrous thing, at this moment, she's hanging out with her aunt Chris, who brings up the difficult subject of Wilkinson's mother.

That's when our girl unleashes the line of the evening:

"I feel like I'm being raped every minute with my mom."

Wow. How so? "She is the most sadistic abuser."

"I was really mentally f--ked."

Some might take issue with her word choice, but Chris seems to sympathize, while urging her niece to "keep a spot in your heart for reconciliation."

The episode ends with Wilkinson lonely and horny, headed to a gay bar and proclaiming that Hank doesn't need to know everything she's doing.

Best of luck, you two.

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