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Earlier this week, the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner clan expanded their empire by launching paid apps and websites targeted at their biggest fans.

Yes, those who believe that Kim and company don’t receive enough exposure online can now pay actual US dollars to see more of the Kard clan on their computers and mobile devices.

It sounds like a ridiculous business model, but somehow, it’s already paying off…at least for the youngest of the sisters.

Kardashian, Jenner Family Photo

Kylie Jenner launched her app on Monday, and the competition from her sisters is no competition at all.

Kim also launched a paid website, and as the most widely-recognized Kardashian, you might think she would have the most subscribers. 

Of the nearly 1 million (!) subscribers that paid for Kardashian-Jenner apps or website access in the first 24 hours, more than 74% of them were Kylie kustomers.

Far from being proud of their lil sis, the other ladies are reportedly pissed!

"The family thinks that this could potentially be the beginning of the end for the Kardashian empire because it is going to start getting even more competitive within the family,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

"Greed and money are never good combinations.”

Some of the girls (specifically Kourtney and Kendall) were reportedly against the idea from the start, as they felt that it would not only lead to competition within the family, but might also alienate some of their fans.

"Some of the girls feel that Kris’s master plan to charge people to keep up with them is going to backfire,” says the insider.

As for the increased competitiveness – we may be seeing signs of that already.

Sources say Kylie and Kendall have been feuding at Fashion Week, and fighting over center stage at parties and public events.