Kaley Cuoco Divorced Ryan Sweeting Over Painkiller Addiction?

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Last week, we reported that Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting are calling it quits after just 21 months of marriage.

The announcement came as a shock to Kaley's fans, as she frequently gushed about her tennis pro husband on social media and posted a photo of the two of them enjoying dinner together less than two weeks before their split.

Cuoco filed for divorce almost immediately after she and Ryan separated, leading many to believe that this was not the amicable parting of ways that Kaley's reps claimed it was.

Now, Us Weekly is reporting that previous rumors of infidelity or abuse are bogus, and the real reason that Kaley decided to take her leave of Ryan has to do with his crippling addiction to prescription painkillers.

Kaley Cuoco-Ryan Sweeting Us Weekly Cover

"She supported him but she said he couldn’t make the commitment to get sober,’ says one insider. "He’d tell her he was working on it and instead go get wasted."

Sweeting has a history of substance abuse and was arrested for DUI and possession and 2006. He was reportedly sober at the time that he and Kaley got married, but it didn't last long.

In fact, Sweeting posted a troubling comment about his love for booze less than six months after he and Cuoco tied the knot.

When he suffered a potentially career-ending injury shortly thereafter, things spiraled out of control.

"Kaley told friends doctors prescribed something that he was taking too much of,’ a source claims. ‘That is when it went downhill again."

Insiders say Sweeting repeatedly agreed to go to rehab, but never made good on his promises.

"She couldn’t fix him. He wasn’t the man she thought he was," says a source identified as a friend of Kaley's. "She couldn’t take his ups and downs. There were the fights. He’d lash out at her."

Here's hoping that if there's any truth to this report, Ryan takes this as a wake-up call and gets the help he needs.

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