Josh Duggar: What He's Doing in "Rehab" ... if He's Even There

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Assuming Josh Duggar is actually in rehab (a subject that's been hotly debated of late), he will have to put in a lot of effort during his stay.

What exactly will the disgrace be doing to rehabilitate himself?

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The former 19 Kids and Counting star will take part in Bible study, counsel groups, and more during his time at the Reformers Unanimous.

Insiders say the Rockford, Ill., facility houses patients seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction ... and ransacking strippers apparently?

It's unclear how one seeks "rehab" for being a lying, cheating hypocrite, but here's hoping the long days - staring at 4:30 a.m. - do the trick!

According to Entertainment Tonight, men sleep in "military-style barracks" and must perform at least 40 hours of community service a week.

"Please understand that if you do not work as unto the Lord, you will not remain in the home," the website says, making that policy clear.

Josh Duggar won't have much contact with his family; one call per week on Monday, and only after finishing the first 10 days of treatment. 

His communication will be monitored, and only after 60 days will he receive approved weekends away with them ... if they even want to.

They are not allowed to send him items such as credit cards, music, pornography, or cash (seriously, that is specified on the website).

Josh has reportedly been MIA at some of the group functions, sparking rumors that he may have already bailed or never checked in.

RU has not gone on record saying that Josh, who recently admitted cheating on his wife and being addicted to porn, has been admitted.

"We love the Duggar family," Tony Richardson, Director of Development, said last week. "Our hearts and prayers are with them."

In addition to up to six months at a Christian hard labor camp (at least that's what it sounds like), guests also take college-level classes.

Course in topics such as auto mechanics and financial management are offered. All secondary to the religious aspects of their stay, of course.

Duggar, 27, will lean heavily on his faith during the process.

Guests are obligated to type out a "need or request" from God, pray about the testimony, and share it with others at the RU facility.

During his time, Josh will face his issues head-on (it's unclear if maligned wife Anna will appear) in groups, and study the Bible.

"Each new camp director is trained in how to present the messages in convicting yet caring ways," says the center's website.

This is "intended to encourage the students toward program participation. A hearer that is a doer is always an overcomer."

Probably healthier than doing and coming over Danica Dillon.

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