John Travolta Pays Off Gay Lovers, Wife Knows: Report

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John Travolta has been paying off gay lovers to the tune of nearly $1.5 million, and his wife Kelly Preston is well aware of it, a new report claims.

John Travolta, Kelly Preston

According to supposed insiders, this is nothing but a sham marriage orchestrated by Scientology to keep Travolta’s gay lifestyle on the down low.

Allegedly, the most recent and priciest of Travolta’s payoffs was to Doug Gotterba, an ex lover who wrote a tell-all book titled Travolta Exposed.

According to inside sources, Travolta coughed up $1.3 million, after which point Doug Gotterba mysteriously put the kibosh on the book’s publication.

In addition, this got Travolta off the hook in terms of the fact that he truly didn’t want to take the stand and answer questions about sex under oath.

Travolta also has a special insurance policy to protect him from such lawsuits, as the actor sometimes makes advances on men against their will.

According to Gawker, in 2012, Travolta’s insurance company paid out two of the six sexual assault complaints made against him in recent years.

Two were by male masseurs saying Travolta took advantage of them during private massage sessions; another was a cruise ship employee.

Other accusers included his stunt double, a driver and physical therapist.

Four of the claims were “alleged sexual assault.” Two claims went a little further and read “assault, sexual battery, intentional infliction of distress.”

Massage therapist Luis Gonzalez claimed he had a one night stand with Travolta when he gave him a massage at a hotel in Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Robert Randolph, who has also written about Travolta’s gay proclivities, claims he's seen videotaped footage of John Travolta engaged in gay sex.

There's no shame in the fact that John Travolta is gay, if in fact he is.

What's most surprising in this day and age is that - again, if he in fact is - a gay man would prey on other men and go out of his way to cover it up.

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