Jimmy Snuka, Former WWE Superstar, Charged with Murder

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Jimmy Snuka, a former WWE Superstar known for his high-flying antics inside the ring, has been charged with murder.

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According to the Associated Press, the charges against Snuka stem from the death of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino… in 1983.

In May of that year, authorities were called to a hotel room near Allentown, Pennsylvania, where they allegedly came across the then-23-year old Argentina, struggling for air with mucus coming out of her nose and mouth.

She later died at a local hospital.

The case was reopened in 2014 after an autopsy proved Argentino's cause of death to be traumatic brain injuries. It also mentioned that she had numerous cuts and bruises over her body.

The forensic pathologist assigned to Argentino said the case should be investigated as a homicide.

Snuka has always maintained his innocence on Argentino's death, writing the following in a 2012 memoir:

"Many terrible things have been written about me hurting Nancy and being responsible for her death, but they are not true.

"This has been very hard on me and very hard on my family. To this day, I get nasty notes and threats. It hurts. I never hit Nancy or threatened her."

Charges against Snuka include third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for Argentino's death.

He was arraigned on Tuesday and released after posting bail.

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