Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Respond to Claims That They're Broke, Unemployed

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Last week, the pregnant Jessa Duggar and hubby Ben Seewald were criticized for requesting donations from fans on various websites.

Many took this to believe the duo is not only desperate, but actually broke and destitute in the wake of TLC axing 19 Kids & Counting.

Yes, Jessa is expecting her first child, but the thinking amongst many Duggar fans is that if she and Ben are that hard up for cash, well ...

There are remedies that don't involve asking for handouts.

For example, Ben could get a real job. Wild concept.

Then, when the kid is old enough, Jessa could also (gasp!) seek out some form of employment and turn to her family for child care help.

In other words, they do what people they're begging for money have probably done their whole lives - exchange work for a paycheck.

Jessa and Ben spoke at the Southern Women's Show in Orlando over the weekend (we guess that's kinda like work, to their credit).

There, they replied to questions that they're a couple of broke do-nothings by offering "money saving tips" and talking about the future.

According to the Seewalds, Ben is planning on maybe, one day, eventually settling on a career of undetermined origin. So there's that.

"I like to shop around for bargains," Jessa said when asked how they make ends meet. "I try to shop mostly consignment and places like that."

"I shop at Ross a lot. I love Ross."

All well and good, but people with jobs also do that; Jessa and Ben have seemed rudderless since their reality show was canceled.

Jessa and Ben gave examples of little ways they cut corners, like the ice cream sundae bar instead of paying for a cake at their wedding.

"I guess it was a little bit less expensive, or something like that," said Ben, who we're guessing didn't play much of a role in the planning.

And by "much," we mean "any."

After false-start careers in auto glass repair and acting (seriously), Ben is currently working for Jessa's dad, Jim Bob, in Arkansas.

Even family insiders admit that most of his "work" these days teaming up with Jessa to help repair the Duggar family's reputation.

That's a full-time job in itself lately.

The couple says Ben is also currently considering seminary school, but that idea is "still in the planning stages." Big surprise there.

So there you have it, folks:

Just shop at Ross, serve ice cream at your wedding, air your home birth on TLC and you too can avoid real work for LIFE!

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