Giada de Laurentiis Opens Up About Bobby Flay, Confirms Relationship!?

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Back in May, we reported that Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentiis were dating.

At the time, we had just caught wind of the rumor.  But de Laurentiis may have just confirmed that she and Bobby are dating!!

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Bobby and Giada both split with their spouses this year, and ever since the cheating accusations have been circulating.  The biggest cheating accusation occurred when someone flew a "cheater" banner overhead while the celeb chef was imprinting his hand on the Walk of Fame.

Stephanie claims she had nothing to do with it.  But we aren't so sure.

Coupling their divorces with rumors of infidelity, everyone has been asking the same question: were Bobby and Giada hooking up while they were still married?

Both Bobby and Giada have denied having an affair with each other.  But they have been spotted multiple times together.  And each time, they appear to be a couple.

Now, with the evidence mounting against them, Giada and her publicity staff are trying to clean up her damaged image.

In doing so, Giada released a statement, which only seems to raise more questions than placate suspicion.  

Giada said in her statement, “The last year of my life has been a little more tumultuous, and I’ve sort of started a new life on my own with my daughter.”

She continued,  “Cooking has really sort of redefined my life in a way that truly the moment of inspiration and true happiness is when I’m in the kitchen”

“As far as Bobby goes, people are going to write what people are going to write. Luckily, my daughter’s still young enough that I can shelter her a little bit from it all, but I deal with it and I don’t really respond to it, and I move past it. It’s going to be what it’s going to be.”

Giada didn’t deny her relationship with Bobby.  In fact, all she did was mention that people are writing about it and that her daughter is too young to understand it.

So without explicating stating it, did she actually confirm they are dating???

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