Farrah Abraham Gets Face Injections, Continues to Terrify Us

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Farrah Abraham is back doing what Farrah Abraham does.

Which is ... basically doin' all the stuff that makes us question how Farrah Abraham is a real human living on the same planet as us.

Such as, in this case, getting needles stuck in her face:

Farrah Abraham Face Injection
Farrah Abraham Face Pic

Still in London after threatening to kill the Celebrity Big Brother cast and getting booted (and booed) off the show, she took some time to relax.

Sort of literally, in the case of her face ... if you follow us.

We would have to assume there was some numbing agent involved in this injection, which she somehow chose to share on social media.

There's definite numbness in the girl's brain. This we know.

On Twitter, Farrah actually said that such injections, presumably involving Botox or something similar, "keep me looking my age."

Farrah Abraham is 24 years old people. Twenty. Four.

A few tweets later, she also got her eyebrows done, and voila, the plastic looking person above (right) emerged from the experience.

We are tempted to refrain from criticism here, because if this summer has taught us anything, it's that Farrah will attack you physically.

But we simply have to ask a few questions here:

  • Is Farrah actually an alien or possessed by some inner force compelling her to sacrifice her youth and beauty prematurely?
  • Does she think she is actually 34, given the crazy life she's led up until this point, thus the "looking my age" statement?
  • Where do these latest images rank among THG's most cringe-worthy Farrah Abraham photos of all time (below)?
  • How long until the sex tape sequel?!

So many questions. So little time.

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