Farrah Abraham: Did She Remove Breast Implants?!

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Farrah Abraham's penchant for plastic surgery is well documented, but did the Teen Mom star quietly have her breast implants removed?

She doesn't quietly do anything, but they're just looking so much less ... giant and fake in this random Twitter photo she recently shared:

Farrah Abraham Implants Removed?

You don't have to watch Teen Mom online (or more accurately, Backdoor Teen Mom online) to know Farrah has changed over the years.

She's been quite open about how her breasts have increased in size twice with the aid of surgery, once to a C cup, then later to a D.

Farrah has even suggested that her daughter Sophia will get plastic surgery one day too, because this is how we strive to look our best.

No apologies to be found, in other words.

In the world of Farrah, it's your body, you do what you gotta do, and you read pro-plastic surgery children's books to your little kid.

We're getting off-topic there, though.

Getting back to the issue at hand, it's not clear if it's the pose, the camera angle, or the outfit that may be making her assets look smaller.

You have to wonder if she's had another procedure to, say, reverse some of the past mistakes she once gushed about like no tomorrow.

Just because Farrah had her chest enlarged to the point of porn star dimensions doesn't mean she might not tire of that at some point.

Those things have got to be heavy after awhile, and if you love plastic surgery that much, maybe you just look for excuses to get more.

We're reaching, admittedly, and this is a girl who, in all her infinite wisdom, just threatened to kill the entire cast of Celebrity Big Brother.

Not exactly predictable or stable.

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