Farrah Abraham Defended By Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag: They Set Her Up!

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Embattled reality star Farrah Abraham is receiving support from an unlikely - or perhaps very likely - celebrity duo: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Defending Farrah's insane outbursts on Celebrity Big Brother UK - threatening to murder the whole cast, etc. - Speidi had this to say about Abraham:

Abraham, Farrah Photo
Heidi and Spencer on Celebrity Big Brother

“She’s had such unfair treatment all season long. They bait her, and she tries to make up with them and then they degrade her under their breath."

"Whenever she stands up for herself, they call her crazy. They’ve had no respect for her from the beginning. ... She was the only entertaining part."

"She just owned it. It’s awful how they called her ‘disgusting on the inside,’ and they just wouldn’t stop. How would anyone react to that?"

"As far as I’m concerned, with the way they’ve been attacking her, anything she does is self-defense. ... [Abraham] was totally set up."

"It’s not that I condone violence, but I completely understand why she’d react to these people ... she has been bullied since the day she went in.”

The knowledge and integrity of Speidi aside, Farrah fought a co-star on the air and threatened the rest of them. Is that really "self-defense"?

Was she baited? Absolutely. Is everyone who signs up for a show like this baited by fellow cast members and producers around the clock?

At the very least, they're signing on for that possibility. Farrah just happens to be so thin-skinned, she flies off the handle like no other.

That, in turn, creates a self-perpetuating loop, which is great for viewers but bad news for society ... specifically Farrah's young daughter.

After all, before Sophia makes her own sex tape someday, she'll likely see evidence of these exploits from the woman who is her role model.

Note to Farrah: People don't take the time to get to "know" and "appreciate" you because this is the face you put forward on a daily basis.

Note to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag: Keep on latching on to anything trending in an attempt to remain quasi-relevant. Well handled!

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