Castle Season 8 Episode 2 Recap: Marital... WHOA!

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What the heck just happened on Castle Season 8 Episode 2?!?

Viewers finally learned this week about the Bracken-based conspiracy and how it took the lives of five D.C. colleagues of Kate, while leading the Senator himself dead and placing many other people in harm’s way.

Oh, and it also caused Kate to break up with Rick.

Following a premiere that saw Beckett lie about her meeting with Deputy Chief Gates, part two opened with Kate and tech analyst Vikram Singh holed away in some abandoned property.

They were saved by a woman named Rita, who was also known as Jackson Hunt’s wife of nearly a decade. Yup, Castle’s step-mother!

After recounting to Rita all that went down last week, starting with the call she claimed to Castle came from a telemarketer, Beckett paid a visit to Bracken in prison.

He’s taken aback when she mentions LOCKSAT, telling Kate she is in way over her head.

But Kate moves forward anyway, asking Vikram to hack into the AG database in order to discover who ordered the hit on Beckett.

Rita suggests that the federal official cited in the document was Bracken’s partner, someone who used CIA resources to get his and Vulcan’s drugs into the country.

We end up at an airfield, where a tail number has led Kate and Vikram. But Castle and Hayley are also there because Alexis obtained the LOCKSAT 2011DB” intel off a surveillance camera that was behind Vik at the bar.

Vikram shoots pilot. Kate and Rick embrace. And all is well that ends well, right? WRONG.

Despite being warned by Rita that getting to the bottom of Bracken’s mysterious partner will place all her loved ones in danger, Kate cannot let it go.

She tells Rick back home that she must leave to “figure some things out so that we can have a happily ever after,” to which he replies that any problem SHE has is a problem THEY have.

Rick mentions how Bracken taunted him by saing that Kate’s obsession with her mother’s murder and everything around it would ultimately consume her... and their marriage.

“Please do not tell me that sonuvabitch knew you better than I do,” Castle says, but Kate leaves anyway, asking for forgiveness and saying: “I love you, I always will.”

So there you have it. Does this development make you excited for Castle Season 8 Episode 3? Or just really angry?

Go ahead and watch Castle online to relive the unexpected ending and check out the official ABC teaser for next week now:

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