Bill Gothard: Duggar Family Minister Bombarded With Sexual Assault Accusations on Facebook

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Last year, Institute for Basic Life Principles founder and CEO Bill Gothard resigned in disgrace after 34 young women accused him of various forms of sexual misconduct.

Today, Gothard is best known as the former minister for the Duggar family who outlined Jim Bob and Michelle's controversial beliefs regarding sex and relationships.

Bill Gothard

When Josh Duggar was sent for "counseling" after confessing to molesting five young girls, it was Gothard and the IBLP who helped conceal this.

Shielding his crimes from the authorities, they attempted to "cure" him through highly unconventional methods ... you can see how well that worked.

For some reason, Gothard thought today would be a good day to break his silence on Facebook after over a year in hiding. He was wrong.

"God has been so faithful and even in discipline has stood with me and encouraged me like never before," he wrote on the social network.

"I am so thankful for the outpouring of thoughtfulness and support during the last 18 months as I have faced the greatest trials of my life."

"Through all of this He has given me treasures and insights I could never have imagined."

"It is my earnest desire that I will be able to see His blessing ministered into the lives of each of you with the time and strength He continues to give me."

Gothard's Facebook followers, many of whom were personally victimized by the former preacher, were apparently forgiving mood. Some highlights:

  • "Until you apologize publicly for molesting minors and turn over the money you stole from us, you are still nothing more than a common criminal."
  • "When you meet our Lord he will cast you down to hell for the many sins you've committed."
  • "You disgusting pervert for raping so many women. You will burn in Hell."
  • "You're an evil man who has raped women and never apologized for it. By the metrics of your own faith you will not go to heaven. Hope you're okay with that!"
  • "I was only 17 when you were 60. You were molesting my girlfriend while listening to me confess my intimate girlish thoughts. You took advantage of me."

A statement from the IBLP sought to remind Facebook users that Gothard is still barred from any involvement with the organization.

However, those who have watched the thread closely claim that more than 200 comments have already been deleted from Gothard's status update.

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