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It looks like we finally know who’s making The Weeknd’s face go numb.

TMZ is reporting today that the R&B sensation is dating Bella Hadid – sister of model Gigi and daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster.

The couple has kind of a Kylie Jenner and Tyga vibe going on, as she’s only 18 and he’s 25.

Fortunately, sources say they’ve only been hooking up for a few months, and Bella celebrated her birthday in October of last year.

Still kinda gross, buy hey – at least it’s legal!

Bella Hadid Image
The Weeknd Photo

The pair made it official by walking from club to car hand-in-hand last night in plain view of fans.

If you’re not into the hippity-hop and your main radio jam is NPR’s All Things Considered, you might know The Weeknd from his VMA performance of "Can’t Feel My Face," which famously kicked off a Kanye West-Taylor Swift dance-off.

Bella – though currently best-known as the younger sister of runway sensation Gigi – is an up-and-coming model with a bright future of her own.

Maybe we’re witnessing the start of a new Hollywood power couple. Or maybe they’ll hook-up a few more times and get sick of each other.

Stay tuned to find out!