Amy Duggar: Michelle & Jim Bob Fled "Trashy" Wedding Reception!

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Last week, Amy Duggar married Dillon King in a ceremony that was attended by most of her famous Arkansas family members.

(Josh Duggar was nowhere to be seen, for obvious reasons.)

Amy Duggar, Dillon King

Although they weirdly attempted to steal her thunder by posting a bunch of photos from Jessa Duggar's wedding, 10 months after the fact, the 19 Kids and Counting clan mostly sang Amy and Dillon's praises online.

They even posted professionally-shot teaser videos like this one on the "Duggar Studios" YouTube channel, seemingly as a way of saying to fans:

"Like what you see? Pressure TLC or anyone else to let us back on the air and there's more where that came from!"

According to Amy, though, the Duggars themselves didn't see much of the reception due to their Ned Flanders-like religious beliefs.

Once all the devilish dancing - one of the things the Duggars do not allow (see gallery below) and ankle-baring started up, they fled.

We're talking fast, too. Peacing out like the place was on fire.

"They left right when the music was starting," Amy tells People. "They stayed for two songs or so ... it was country so they probably dealt with it"

"We broke out the bar as soon as my family left. The champagne was chilled, we had whiskey, mixed drinks, everything. It was so fun."

"It went from classy to trashy real quick, which was the best!"

We imagine just the word "cocktails" causes Jim Bob to start bashing himself in the head with a Bible, but you'd think he'd be able to tough it out.

It was his own niece's wedding, after all. But we digress.

In his defense, he is a busy man these days - what with having to constantly dream up new ways to scam Duggar fans out of their money.

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