Tom Brady: Pissed at Gisele Bundchen...Over Plastic Surgery?!

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Yesterday, we reported that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are headed for divorce.

It started off as a splashy headline on the cover of OK! magazine, but now legitimate news outlets have picked up on the story, and some strange details about the Brady-Bundchen marriage are beginning to emerge.

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Sure, many of them are probably made up (like this latest report from Star magazine), but with Tom's name popping up more in the tabloids than on the sports page these days, who's to say what's really going on with America's most chiseled couple?

Star claims Tom and Gisele have been "bickering constantly" and things have gotten so bad that Bundchen "stormed out of Tom's birthday party."

The cause of the strife? Gisele's recent decision to get plastic surgery in Paris.

Photos of the model covering her face in a full head scarf surfaced back in January, and she was slammed by the media for wearing what appeared to be a Muslim burqa.

Now, "insiders" are claiming Tom was so pissed about the situation that he's ready to call on audible on the whole "til death do us part" game plan.

“When the news broke, Tom was furious,” a source tells Star. “He wasn’t against the surgeries, but he told Gisele that the added scrutiny and embarrassment the incident has caused was the last thing he needs as he tries to restore his image.

“She keeps telling him he’s overreacting and to calm down. It’s very tense between those two. I’ve never seen them bicker like this before!”

We'd be inclined to agree with Gisele, but she's gotta remember that old Tom Terrific has a lot on his plate these days.

There's the suspension over DeflateGate, the business with Ben Affleck's nanny wearing his Super Bowl rings, and now little Jimmy Garoppolo has his hands on the man's starting spot!

It's tough to be a handsome, gajillionaire pro athlete who's married to a supermodel, ya know?

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