The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Rumble on the Runway

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The last two weeks of The Real Housewives of New York City have been suspiciously cordial and sentimental. Would last night be any different?

With an overflow of apologies amongst the ladies and Carole’s emotional trip to London to retrieve her late husband’s urn, viewers have been wondering where the drama went.

Of course, the drama couldn’t disappear forever. 

This is RHONYC we are talking about!

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 18 started off with a heated scene between Sonja, Heather, and Bethenny.  Leave it to Sonja to bring back the petty bullsh*t.

Sonja invited Bethenny and Heather to a meeting for her “international lifestyle brand” meeting. Not surprisingly, the meeting was falling apart before it even started. 

Not unlike Sonja’s first meeting with Bethenny, things were sketch.  The meeting was in a different building, which as Bethenny mentioned, was probably a rented office like the first meeting.

Even worse, Sonja rolled in late to her own meeting.  In true Sonja style, she spouted off some empty comments about their “regular conference room” and “there were supposed to be clothes.”  Blah blah blah.

Once Heather arrived, Sonja disclosed that rather than looking at her clothing line, her cast mates would be helping select models, raising suspicion that Sonja still didn't have any designs prepared.

“I’m planning on debuting my collection at New York Fashion Week,” Sonja claimed.

Well, during New York Fashion Week.  While the real fashion shows were taking place at Lincoln Center, Sonja’s show was at Carriage House, a small venue not affiliated with Fashion Week.

When the models came in for the audition, Sonja was quick to critique and judge their bodies in front of them. “My brand has shape, waist, t*ts, a**,” Sonja snipped.

After criticizing one model’s waist, Bethenny and Heather suggested they not talk about the models while they are still in the room.

Sonja disagreed and replied, “Any comment I make today is not an insult.”  She blabbed on, “I’ve been a model since a very young age,” which made her think she can say what she wants.

She even claimed, as you'll see when you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, that "my first fashion show when I was, like, 14 years old.”

Doubt it.

The fight quickly escalated between Heather and Sonja to the point that even Bethenny was embarrassed.  Bethenny Frankel spends a significant portion of her time embarrassing herself.  So for her to be embarrassed says a lot.

It was questionable if Sonja really had a fashion line or not.  However, on the evening of her debut fashion show, she seemed to have pulled it off.

Well, it appeared that she did.  Her line was surprisingly nice, and even the other ladies liked her clothing.  But behind the scenes, Sonja was a disaster.

She continually displayed how much she loves herself by wearing a red jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.  It was so plunging that her nipples were hanging out.

As she scolded her interns for making mistakes, she yelled, “You guys are interns to learn from me.” What are they going to learn, Sonja?  How to be a navel gazing b*tch???

Sonja Morgan managed to get into an argument with most of the backstage crew and even ended up taking over styling the girls, which resulted in an awkward intermission between sets.

Luckily, for the sake of good reality TV, the intermission was just long enough for Bethenny and Ramona to get into a fight.

Bethenny confronted Ramona about Ramona's loose lips.  While in Turks and Caicos, Ramona gossiped that Bethenny cheated on her first husband.  So Bethenny wanted to set the record straight.

They got into it about Bethenny’s alleged infidelity for a few moments. But as all arguments between Bethenny and Ramona do, the spat quickly diverged into the (never ending) case of the stolen dresses.

Bethenny swore up and down that Ramona kept two dresses that were intended to be borrowed items.  Ramona didn’t deny keeping the dresses, but she argued that it was unintentional.

Ramona offered to pay for the dresses, but Bethenny didn’t believe she will be true to her word.

In fact, most of the cast seemed to be skeptical of Ramona’s sincerity and authenticity.  The newly single jewelry designer claims she has launched new beginnings.  So much that she wants to host a New Beginnings party—whatever that means.

Despite her claims, the ladies of The Big Apple think Ramona is anything but changed.

Heather said, “Ramona is saying that she has changed a lot that she is still a work in progress, but she is still the same.” And Bethenny spit her venom when she called Ramona’s behavior “desperate, nasty, entitled, selfish.”

Bethenny even came face-to-face with Ramona telling her that she should rename her “new beginnings” to “old ways.”

The fight between Bethenny and Ramona set the stage for what might be a major blowout on the next episode of RHONYC.

Outside of the fashion show, Kristen debuted her nail polish line, Pop of Color. Unlike Sonja's clothing line, Kristen's nail polish was actually on display at Fashion Week.

Kristen may have conjured a grandiose vision when she compared the excitement about her nail polish line to the excitement of New York Fashion Week. Still, despite her delusion excitement, her nail colors were used on designer Elie Tahari's models.

The show got slightly redundant after the third time Carole and Dorinda talked about how great their trip to London was and how they felt connected as they shared the stories of their husbands’ deaths.

“I was a little worried, but she was great.  We actually talked a lot,” Carole said. “There’s something about talking with another widow."

She continued, "Dorinda is a woman with many, many layers.”

It’s nice to see reality TV ladies getting along.  But let’s be real.  We are all really watching the show for the drama.  Let’s keep the lovefest on the cutting room floor.

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