The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: New Beginnings My A$$!

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Tuesday on The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny and Ramona's feud continued, while the latter hosted her New Beginnings party.

Would anyone truly begin anew, though?

When The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 19 got underway, it was evident the season finale was going to be as boring as the rest of the season.

The episode started off with yet another a** kissing moment between Ramona and Sonja.

Though their relationship has wavered over the years, Ramona and Sonja have somehow retained a sense of friendship—whatever that means on a reality show.

Ramona stopped by Sonja’s house to congratulate her for a successful fashion show. “Everyone’s mouth dropped,” Ramona complimented.

What Ramona failed to mention is that their mouths probably dropped because they were shocked Sonja actually had a line of clothing to show.

Her “international fashion lifestyle brand” has been questionable throughout the course of the season.  But, somehow, she pulled it off.

The compliments quickly changed to complaints though.  Sonja pried for information about the spat between Bethenny and Ramona during the fashion show.

Of course, Ramona played innocent  “I don’t know why Bethenny picked a fashion show to start a fight with me,” she whined.

For the entire season, Ramona has been playing the I’m-a-changed-person card.  “I have changed,” she said. “I just came from church from Ash Wednesday.”

Though going to Ash Wednesday is a good start, Ramona might benefit more from confession.  

All season, she has been offensive and has built her narrative around half-truths and gossip about her “friends.”

Plus, her quest to conquer some strange is less than virtuous—at least by the church’s standards.

But Ramona swore she is a changed woman.  And to inaugurate her transition, she threw a New Beginnings party.  It’s like a quinceanera for a 50-something white woman.

Ramona is Full-On Nuts
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The majority of the episode featured Ramona’s weird party.  The intent of the party was to celebrate Ramona’s fresh start after splitting from her husband, Mario Singer.

But apparently, for these laides, new beginnings just means the same old sh*t.

The party kicked off with a fight between Ramon and Bethenny.  In fact, the moment Bethenny walked in the door, Ramona confronted her.

Bethenny said, “Ramona’s, like, got me.  She’s on my crotch the second I walk in.”

Ramona’s intention was to apologize to Bethenny for blabbing that Bethenny cheated on her first husband.  However, Ramona is not known for her well-crafted apologies.

In fact, one of her trademark qualities is offering half-hearted I’m-sorries.  And she proved this to be true again.

Her apology turned into a fight when Bethenny mentioned she didn’t want to deal with Ramona’s sob story.  In her interview, Bethenny stated, “I don’t have the energy to be mad at Ramona.”

All season, a recurring theme on RHONYC has been quick apologies.  And that remained true tonight. 

Bethenny and Ramona hashed it out for a few breaths.  Then, they hugged it out.  And that was that.  Like most of the season, their fight was uneventful.

Things almost got good in a fight between Sonja and Kristen!

After Sonja’s fashion show, a New York Post reporter asked Kristen about Sonja’s elusive toaster oven. Kristen told the reporter that she would like Sonja to come out with the toaster oven because she only cooks using a toaster oven.

A quick flashback scene proved that Kristen simply answered the question the reporter asked, and she was being supportive. Still, that did not go over well with Sonja.  And she brought out her inner six-year-old to prove it.

“Things have come to light that I don’t think are worth talking about,” Sonja said.  “I don’t want to talk to you ever again about my career or my future.”

She pouted, “I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.”

And for once, finally, Kristen actually did something.  She raised her voice and fought back when Sonja accused her of trash talking her to the media.

Kristen’s presence on the show has been less than entertaining all season.  So much that there have been rumors that she won’t be returning for the next season of RHONYC.

But could her last minute sass save her a spot on the show?

The other fight of the night was between Carole and LuAnn.  When Carole started dating LuAnn’s really young chef (who also dated LuAnn’s niece), their friendship began to unravel.

And when LuAnn was busted with some strange while the ladies were on vacay in the Turks and Caicos, Carole took offense.

The tension between them came to a head at the New Beginnings party.

LuAnn accused Carole of trying to catch her red handed with a guy.  LuAnn even claimed that by barging her room, Carole exposed her promiscuous ways to her daughter.

As Carole tactfully mentioned, if you don’t want your daughter to know you are banging dudes on vacation, don’t bang dudes on vacation.

LuAnn called Carole a liar.  Carole denied it.  Blah, blah, blah.  Someone delivered a mango margarita, and the fight was over. 

The only other moment of interest during the season finale was between John and Dorinda.  

John and Dorinda have been dating for three years.  John’s flirty behavior is, at best, questionable.  And Dorinda hasn’t quite healed from the passing of her husband.  

To add to the complications, Dorinda’s daughter, Hannah, hates John. Yet the couple has remained together.

John took a bold step and offered a pseudo-proposal to Dorinda at a pizza place.  Like most things involving John, the scene was uncomfortable to watch.

“There’s no ring in your pocket, is there?” Dorinda nervously asked.

John responded, “I do have a ring.  Can I bring it out?”

Dorinda harshly replied, “No,” and kept eating.

Rightfully, she was p*ssed he was going to propose in a pizza joint.  

Not that a proposal has to be picture perfect.  But who wants a sweaty guy that has flirted with all of your friends to pop the question over a poached egg pizza?

John ended up asking Dorinda to move in with him.  It was hard to determine if he was really going to propose or not.  But either way, the whole scene was awkward.

So that’s it.  The Real Housewives of New York City celebrated another season finale! 

And viewers are celebrating that they don’t have to watch The Real Housewives of New York City online and be bored half to death for awhile!

As Ramona angrily toasted to her friends, hitting their wine glasses so hard they nearly broke, she reminded everyone that even though they are “friends,” there is always more drama to be had.

Until next season!

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