Taylor Swift to Miranda Kerr: Evan Spiegel is Cheating on You!

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Taylor Swift is not a fan of the Miranda Kerr-Evan Spiegel romance, according to a new report, and is not afraid to voice her opinion on it.

The pop superstar is apparently convinced that the billionaire Snapchat founder is a cheater ... and knows from experience! Wait, what?

Taylor Swift on Stage in England
Miranda Kerr at the ESPYS

The National Enquirer alleges in its new issue that Evan Spiegel briefly had a thing with Tay ... before cheating on her and dumping her via text.

Not via Snap? That's just a missed opportunity.

Regardless of whether that Swift gossip is true, Evan is dating Miranda Kerr now ... at least until Taylor convinces her what a horrible guy he is.

During a recent heart-to-heart with the model, "Taylor wanted Miranda to know Evan is a womanizer and was seeing other girls behind her back."

"They talked on the phone for a long time, and Miranda was fascinated to hear that Taylor thinks Evan is just dating her in order to boost his image.”

The tabloid source claims that Swift's words must've hit home, as Miranda is having some serious reservations about continuing the romance.

Should she, though? Or is Taylor just meddling?

Even if you assume Evan Spiegel dated, then cheated on, then dumped Taylor Swift, that doesn't mean he's going to do the same to Kerr.

Nor does it mean he has ulterior motives.

Have you seen Miranda Kerr?! Exactly. Pretty sure she has other things going for her than mere image-boosting potential. Call us crazy.

Then again, Swift is a pro's pro when it comes to getting dumped and being bitter about it, so maybe she's just calling it like she sees it?

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